Why Setup A Freezone Company in the UAE

Dubai is a well-respected pathway to the East, and since it became a financial hub, companies that engage in all types of business activities are now looking to establish a presence here. Dubai has over ten freezones, which provide international investors with the opportunity to expand into the Middle-East and beyond.
With a wide range of options available for freezone company incorporation, you can select one which reflects the nature of your business. Whether it is the location, the brand or the facilities of the freezone which attract you, you can find the best solutions based on your legal and business preferences. As each freezone is set up to facilitate certain types of business activity or transactions, it is important to receive legal advice which suits the needs of your business.

With 100% foreign ownership of a company here in the UAE and the ability to trade or operate within the freezone, a freezone entity can provide great benefits to those wishing to expand their operations to the Middle East and beyond. In addition, with visa facilities available, you may even opt to move to the UAE with your business. Whilst expanding your operations and developing a well-respected international presence, why not do this in the most economically efficient way possible too? With 0% import and export tax, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, no corporate taxes for 15 years (renewable for an additional 15 years) and no personal income taxes, you are set up to have even more success and profitability.

Freezones themselves are also extremely helpful when it comes to setting up in the UAE as they provide excellent assistance with labor recruitment, sponsorship, and housing. Furthermore, the freezone areas themselves are well equipped with amenities, facilities and communication infrastructures required to set up a business. The increased number of free zones operating in the country is serving to offer a wider range of options to potential investors, and allow a real existence in the UAE through offices or warehouses.

Author: Hassan Elhais, along with his team of legal consultants and prominent local lawyers across the UAE, has made a name for himself as a renowned specialist in the fields of civil law, company incorporation, construction law, maritime law, banking law, criminal law, family law, inheritance law and arbitration.

Jobs for Disabled Adults: Four Smart Search Strategies

It can be challenging for disabled adults to find employment. According to the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, just 17.5 percent of people who have a disability are employed. Fortunately, programs and federal laws exist to help ensure jobs for disabled Americans. Here are four employment strategies for those who are disabled and seeking work.
1. Choose the Right Industry

Forbes recently ranked jobs for disabled adults based on positive income and projected growth, avoiding factors that may be detrimental, such as lack of opportunities, constant public content, physical demands, and frequent travel. They recommend embarking on career training focused on fields such as accounting, computer support, management consulting, and data analysis. Vocational counseling is a popular choice among those who want to help others in a similar position find work.

2. Research Government Programs

The federal government has several initiatives that provide jobs for disabled Americans. Because the federal government actively recruits and hires those with disabilities, their job portal at USAJOBS.gov is a good place to start. Certain federal agencies receive incentives to hire those with disabilities through a program called Selective Placement, which allows individuals to bypass the competitive selection process. The Workforce Recruitment Program, a team effort through the Office of Disability Employment Policy and the Department of Defense, connects recent college graduates who have disabilities with positions in the government. Another program for students and recent grads is the Pathways Program, which provides both entry-level government jobs and internships.

3. Consider Telecommuting

Working from home, also known as telecommuting, is a good option for those who have trouble traveling or need to work intermittent hours due to a disability. That’s good news since telecommuting jobs are increasingly prevalent as technology advances. Industries that frequently hire home-based employees include online tech support, customer support, writing and editing, computer services, and graphic arts. Avoid work-at-home scams by looking for a telecommuting position with an established company.

4. Know Your Rights

Disclosing a disability to an employer is a personal decision that the employee has a right to make on his or her own time. Doing so in the application process is not a requirement, though doing so can be a benefit for programs that are actively recruiting disabled persons. During an interview, the employer cannot ask any questions about a disability if they do not directly pertain to the qualifications of the position. Most specialists recommend that a disability should be disclosed after an offer is accepted. Employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations to disabled employees, which may include modification of responsibilities, telecommuting opportunities, flexible scheduling, and other adjustments.

Super Benefits of Cross-Border E-Commerce

Internet and communication made our earth easily accessible. The e-commerce online business has brought a new evolution in the international business. The online order facility has gone beyond the overseas and border of the countries. How the e-commerce business is now becoming the global business and benefits of cross-border international e-commerce business has discussed here.
Huge Market Area:

E-commerce business provides a large area of the market. The local retailer has not got the opportunity to sell his products to the customers living in other countries like China, USA etc. The brand of products has become more international & reputation all over the world. The market penetration in other countries crossing the borderline of own country was like a daydream for some of the domestic businesses. This dream now became true with e-commerce revolution.

More turn over & more profits:

This is a very simple mathematics more turn over means more profit. This is also a simple mathematics that business in one country less turn over and business in many countries more turn over. So the Cross border e commerce China is a great option provided by the online e-commerce store to penetrate the huge market of China with the largest population.

Branding of products:

The international exposure helps create more credibility of products as an international brand. The local products get more recognition and value. The increased value will create more demand. More demand means more revenue.

So the cross border e commerce helps increase the local brand name of the domestic businessman into an international brand name. Once the product became famous and backed with quality by the local seller, it is no time to become a global brand. E-commerce business is truly providing the great opportunity for local sellers.

Huge Global Customer Base:

A huge global customer based will generate by the e-commerce businesses operate through online. Once the business will cross the border, there is a huge market to sell the product in the international market. Being the highest populated country China has the largest market area. Penetration to the China market and sell to China will increase twice the customer range of any products.

Earning While Sleeping:

This is only possible for a global business. The sun never set in the businesses which are the selling their products through cross-border online e-commerce businesses. When it is night in a country there are also some customers placed an order in the daytime of their country. This is like the seller earning money while he is sleeping.

If a particular product is not liked by the customer of one country there are numerous countries in the world where the customer will like that product. So e-commerce gives a benefit of royalty type much secured business income.

Recession proof:

Not all the countries have a recession or economic down at a particular time. So the effect of the recession and economic downtime is negligence for a cross-border global business. The sale of the company or seller or the domestic business will completely stop once the demand for products in the local market got down.

Haulage Howlers: The 8 Naughtiest Haulage Puns On The Road

Sauciness is the spice of life, right? And few places need livening up more than a traffic jam on the M4. That’s where the lorry driver’s unique sense of humour comes to the rescue, like a recovery vehicle – only much funnier and far more X-rated. Honestly, what haulage workers get up to these days! Forget potty humour, these guys go way further…
So, to brighten up a particularly mind-numbing strip of the M25, here are the eight dirtiest jokes yet found on the side of an HGV. Hats off to the hard working people doing haulage work! You are true masters of the mischievous pun.


Nudity is funny. That’s all there is to it. It shouldn’t be, but it just is. So, although this is not the most sophisticated of all gags, it’s still made the grade:

• “Driver Carries Less Than £50 Cash and is 100% Naked”

Sometimes you can’t beat a good bit of toilet humour, the most tried and tested of all jokes. So congratulations to the classic clown who came up with this corker:

• “Number One Plumber in the Number Two Business”

Oh acronyms. Perhaps the essential takeaway from the Internet age. And one of the best is put to good use in this humble but solid one-liner:

• “GTFO Moving Company: Get That Furniture Out


Top of the rude-but-not-that-rude category is a straightforward pun, one which obligingly obeys all the rules of that noblest of art-forms:

• “Well-Hung Drywall LLC”

Toilet humour featured in the ‘Rude’ category, but this wisecrack from a waste disposal vehicle takes it that step further:

• “Nothing Like A Good Dump”

An overlooked subset of the verbal joke is the out-loud only pun. Say this to yourself a couple of times (when you’re not in polite company, that is…):

• “Sofa King: Our Prices Are Sofa King Low”


Sometimes a pun is so perfect that you can’t even laugh – just breathe a sigh of admiration and nod in vigorous approval. This chestnut from a carpet-fitters company comes close to that standard, in simple, concise style: • “Get Laid By A Professional”

An odd one, and almost too cringe-worthy to write, but its daring imagination has got to be credited. Just don’t go repeating this one at the dinner table…

• “Camel Tow: We’ll Snatch You Out of A Tight Spot”

Moving on, rapidly…! Clearly, the naughty pun is the gift that just keeps on giving – it truly knows no limits. It is therefore 100% certain that more of these risqué remarks will find their way onto a motorway near you. Make sure you notice them and remember them for posterity’s sake!

Thank goodness for the good people doing haulage work, making the world a funnier and less prudish place.